What are the Best Lightning Network wallets?4 min read

March 31, 2020 3 min read


What are the Best Lightning Network wallets?4 min read

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With more and more businesses adding Bitcoin as a payment option every day, the race is on for who can create a Lightning Network wallet with the best user experience for consumers. The competition is fierce with every new wallet delivering different features that continue to improve the way we use Bitcoin.

With so many options to choose from that are available on so many different devices, it’s up to you to decide which wallet fits your needs best! Let’s dive in.


Image of Pheonix Lightning Network wallet logo

Phoenix Wallet, created by ACINQ in 2019, is a non-custodial Lightning Network wallet that offers the same user experience as your classic Bitcoin wallet. Phoenix runs natively on Lightning and offers a clean UX by taking care of everything under the hood with no channel management, no liquidity issues, and no more back-up headaches. For now, Phoenix is only available on Android devices but the ACINQ team plans to release the iOS version in 2020. 

Blue Wallet 

Image of Blue Wallet Logo

Blue Wallet has created a seamless experience for anyone interested in using the Lightning Network with a mobile device. Compatible with both iOS and Android, Blue Wallet has created a zero-configuration setup to get you started with Lightning quickly. As a custodial service, Blue wallet acts as a third party node to store your BTC so you don’t have to walk around with your private keys. Blue Wallet is custodial by default but you can connect it to your own node and power transactions yourself.


image of Breez technologies logo

Breez is a Lightning Network wallet that allows its users to send and receive Bitcoin instantly and is one of the first wallets to implement Neutrino. Downloadable on both Android and iOS, Breez provides a simple non-custodial solution for sovereign users while still maintaining the ease-of-use of a custodial wallet for the average Bitcoin user. 

Wallet of Satoshi

Image of Wallet of Satoshi logo

Wallet of Satoshi is a fully custodial Lightning Network wallet that has a very simple setup. You can buy Bitcoin directly through the app, so you never have to worry about funding your wallet. Available on both iOS and Android, Wallet of Satoshi offers a quick solution for anyone interested in using the Lightning Network while on the go.


Image of Zap Lightning Network wallet

The Zap wallet launched in October 2017 and was developed by Jack Mallers. It was created to be an open-source wallet that would be dedicated to providing Bitcoin users with the best possible Lightning Network experience. Unlike some of the other available Lightning Network wallets, Zap connects directly to your existing Lightning Network node. Even though it is not a standalone mobile wallet, Zap can be downloaded on iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Zap also offers Strike, an exciting feature that gives users the option to purchase BTC on the Lightning Network and even link a debit card to pay Bitcoin invoices.

With so many different teams and wallets out there you’re bound to find the perfect LN wallet that fits your needs. If you see any new wallets you think we should check out, comment below and we’ll try to add them. 

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