How to accept Bitcoin donations?2 min read

May 11, 2020 2 min read


How to accept Bitcoin donations?2 min read

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Bitcoin donations can serve to benefit any organization and support any cause. As a global digital currency that can be accessed from anywhere in the world using the internet, Bitcoin is the perfect payment vehicle for donations. Whether you’re a gamer using a live stream to collect tips for achievements or a non-profit organization supporting the fight against a global pandemic, accepting donations in the form of BTC is simple to set up. 

Why accept donations in Bitcoin?

Most people that operate online are collecting their donations with traditional payment methods but BTC is already the better option for digital payments. In comparison to traditional payment methods, BTC can offer you more donations globally with much faster transactions with much lower fees. 

As a digital currency that is accessed via the internet, Bitcoin can be used from just about anywhere in the world. Not only is it better for cross border transactions, but it’s more cost-efficient too! Transaction fees for online transactions can cost anywhere from 2.5% to well over 6%, but with Bitcoin, those fees are significantly lower. 

How to Accept BTC Donations?

Accepting donations with BTC is simple and takes very little time to set up. You can use it for websites, social media, texts, and even live streams. The easiest way to accept Bitcoin donations would be to implement a donation button or link; you can learn how to set one up with our recent article on Bitcoin Payment buttons

Picture of Donate with Bitcoin button

By setting up a donation button or link all you need to do is simply post the button on your website, or feature the link, and Bitcoin users can just follow it to checkout to complete their donation. After collecting donations in Bitcoin, with our platform, you have the option to instantly convert Bitcoin to traditional currency at any time so you never have to worry about price volatility affecting your donations.

Setting up Bitcoin donations for your cause can be done in minutes through the OpenNode platform and we’re always happy to provide support. You can continue to accept donations with traditional currencies and start accepting donations in BTC to increase the number of donations you receive online while reducing your cost in fees.