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Bitcoin E-commerce: Simply Carbon Fiber2 min read

May 25, 2020 2 min read


Bitcoin E-commerce: Simply Carbon Fiber2 min read

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Simply Carbon Fiber (SCF) launched in 2014 out of Los Angeles California, with the vision of creating a luxurious lifestyle brand that is focused on providing the highest quality carbon fiber products for everyday life. Every product is 100% authentic carbon fiber and is available to anyone in the world at unmatched prices! We’re proud to give SCF a shout-out for accepting Bitcoin payments with our Shopify integration. 

Every product you purchase comes with guaranteed quality. With every item crafted by engineers using the best techniques to produce the finest aerospace-grade carbon fiber, SCF offers a quality that can’t be matched. Before leaving the facility, each item is tested and personally inspected by authorized personnel to guarantee that every product meets the highest quality standards before departing to each valued customer. With multiple celebrities endorsing their products such as DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and DJ Spree, Simply Carbon Fiber is a brand you can trust to provide high-quality products. 

With a wide range of products from watches to sunglasses and even cell phone screen protectors, SCF offers the highest quality carbon fiber products that make perfect gifts for every special occasion. As an OpenNode user, they can accept Bitcoin payments on-chain and via the Lightning Network through their Shopify website. All of their products are designed and shipped from the USA, but they also offer worldwide shipping. 

Image of Simply Carbon Fiber products

Simply Carbon Fiber also offers multiple programs that allow you to earn cash or points for free merchandise from their store! With their loyalty program, after every purchase you make you receive points that can be applied to free merchandise. You can also earn points by creating an account and referring a friend to their business through their affiliate program. With their affiliate program, they offer a 10% commission on sales and make payouts twice per month.

OpenNode has built a revolutionary way to accept Bitcoin. We’re excited to take this journey on with them and expand our business to the Bitcoin community.

Sergio Abi-Naked, Co-Founder of Simply Carbon Fiber

As a merchant using OpenNode, Simply Carbon Fiber can enjoy all the benefits of accepting Bitcoin with the ability to convert to a traditional currency at any time. We’re always proud to give a shout-out to any merchant using our platform to accept Bitcoin payments. If you use our platform for Bitcoin payments and want to be put in the spotlight, send us an email to support@opennode.com or you can reach us on Twitter.