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Bitcoin Invoices: Bitcoin Average1 min read

February 4, 2020 < 1 min read


Bitcoin Invoices: Bitcoin Average1 min read

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Bitcoin Average launched in 2013 as the world’s first Bitcoin price index and has become a premier source of historical Bitcoin price data. As one of their trusted users, we’re proud to put them in the spotlight as our latest Bitcoin merchant.

Initially, the platform started tracking Bitcoin to USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and PLN price pairs but now features over 172 different traditional currencies and over 1,440 cryptocurrency markets. 

Today the Bitcoin Average platform aggregates real-time Bitcoin prices based on order books and transactions from over 50 major Bitcoin exchanges around the world. They provide Bitcoin price data to users in accounting, finance, trading, and mining. They also offer a Bitcoin price API with data back to 2013. Their developer-first approach attracts businesses to build tools and products with the assistance of Bitcoin Average’s price API. Companies currently using Bitcoin Average in addition to OpenNode include BitGo, KITCO, Purse, and Xapo.

Bitcoin Average now uses OpenNode as Bitcoin merchant to process Bitcoin payments on-chain and via the Lightning Network. We’re proud to provide important payment infrastructure to a company that provides the Bitcoin price source for businesses around the world.

“OpenNode allowed us to give our clients an alternative option to BitPay’s forced BIP70 payment protocol, so far this has been very well received. Integration was very easy and the support we received on all aspects was outstanding”

The Bitcoin Average Team