Bitcoin Payment Buttons – an easy way to accept BTC2 min read

April 22, 2020 2 min read


Bitcoin Payment Buttons – an easy way to accept BTC2 min read

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One of the easiest ways to integrate Bitcoin payments into any business is by adding a Bitcoin payment button to your website. Payment buttons are great because they offer a simple experience for both payments and donations. 

Bitcoin payment buttons provide a quick customizable checkout experience without the lengthy process of a standard checkout like traditional payment methods. Whether you’re a gamer collecting donations for your achievements on your live stream or you’re a business selling products online, a payment button is the easiest way to expedite Bitcoin payments.  

What’s a Bitcoin payment Button?

Bitcoin payment buttons allow you to accept Bitcoin through a custom-designed link to checkout. It works exactly like a traditional payment buttons but instead of accepting traditional currencies, the payment can be made with Bitcoin. With these buttons, it is easy to accept bitcoin payments both on-chain and via the Lightning Network.

After a user clicks the button, a new page will pop-up with the information that you require from your customers before the completion of the payment. After entering their information, the next page will display the QR code and Bitcoin address that your customers will use to complete the Bitcoin payment. 

Features of a BTC payment button 

  • Not Technical? No problem: Bitcoin payment buttons can be created by anyone regardless of your technical level as they don’t come with the common complexities of integrating payments with API. 
  • Easy to Setup & Share: Integrating a payment button into your website is as easy as copying & pasting a small snippet of code. You can also generate a URL for your payment button and host that URL anywhere, you can even send it via a text message!
  • Design your own: OpenNode offers a simple payment button that’s easily recognizable but you can always customize your own and use your own branding to design it. 
  • TMI: Traditional payment buttons can ask users for a plethora of information that just adds friction to their checkout experience. With Bitcoin payment buttons, you can decide which information you wish to collect. 

Bitcoin payment buttons are probably the easiest way for anyone to accept Bitcoin payments and OpenNode offers them as one of the several payment options on the platform. Learn about how easy it is to set up a Bitcoin payment button in the OpenNode Help Center. Sign up for OpenNode today and create your own payment button and start accepting Bitcoin payments for free!