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Bitcoin Payments with Deskera2 min read

July 19, 2021 2 min read


Bitcoin Payments with Deskera2 min read

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Deskera, founded in 2008, is a global leader of cloud-based software and provides an all-in-one platform designed to help businesses grow. With Deskera, SMEs can use one integrated platform to run accounting, payroll, CRM, HR, and inventory. Today 500,000+ small business owners are managing over 1 Billion dollars worth of business on the Deskera Platform.

OpenNode is proud to partner with Deskera to connect on-chain and lightning bitcoin payments to their global platform. By working together, we can give more businesses around the world the ability to accept instant, low-cost, and zero fraud bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin allows businesses to scale in a global and connected economy – by providing the fastest settlement time and the best payment economics of any payment method. With OpenNode, businesses are also able to control their exposure to bitcoin’s price volatility by settling in their preferred currency, no forex reconciliation is required.

With this integration, businesses that use Deskera will be able to integrate Bitcoin invoices directly into their Deskera account. In a second phase, we will work together to enable bitcoin payouts for payroll, contractors, trade payments, and more.

Image of Deskera logo and dashboard to show the deskera product using Bitcoin invoices.

“We are excited to partner with OpenNode to offer fast, secure, and low-cost bitcoin payment acceptance and payouts for our business users. The integration with OpenNode was very seamless and the response to the bitcoin payment option on our platform has been incredible.”

Saurabh Srivastava, Vice President at Deskera

Founded in 2018, OpenNode is growing the bitcoin economy by providing trusted, reliable payment acceptance and payout solutions for businesses across the world. We drive adoption by creating great user experiences and elegantly bridging between traditional currency and bitcoin. Working with partners like Deskera, OpenNode offers the best way to transfer value in the digital age.

Want to integrate Bitcoin payments into your Deskera dashboard using OpenNode? Click here to view the tutorial

Interested to see more integrations from OpenNode? Send an email to hello@opennode.com with details of your request and we’ll be happy to pursue it. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more information and stay tuned for more updates from the OpenNode team.