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Bitcoin Payments: Grand Rapids Drive2 min read

June 18, 2021 2 min read


Bitcoin Payments: Grand Rapids Drive2 min read

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Grand Rapids Drive is an American professional basketball team in the NBA G League based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Grand Rapids Drive is an affiliate of the Denver Nuggets and provides a team for players to develop their skills before taking their talents to the NBA. On June 18th, 2021, Grand Rapids Drive announced that the organization will be accepting Bitcoin payments for tickets, merchandise, and many more through the OpenNode platform.

We at OpenNode are pleased to be working with Grand Rapids Drive because they provide high-quality entertainment with world-class athletes, and also provide jobs and give back to their local communities. As the official Bitcoin payments partner of the Grand Rapids Drive, we plan on spreading Bitcoin adoption throughout the Grand Rapids Community and throughout Michigan.

Image of Grand Rapids Drive player

“Our team is excited to offer this opportunity to both fans and partners,” shared Steve Jbara, president and co-owner of the Grand Rapids Drive. “We have watched as cryptocurrency — specifically Bitcoin — has soared in value and popularity over the last several months, and we believe it’s here to stay. Our team is ready to work with crypto in our daily operations.”

Steve Jbara President & Co-Owner of Grand Rapids Drive

For more information see the official press release from the Grand Rapids Drive here.

We at OpenNode are happy to be powering Bitcoin payments to the Grand Rapids Drive and we’re excited to expand our platform to more teams in the G League and in the NBA. Our goal is to continue to spread Bitcoin adoption all around the world and with this partnership we can reach our goal much quicker.

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