Bitcoin Payments with LaHaus3 min read

November 10, 2021 3 min read


Bitcoin Payments with LaHaus3 min read

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La Haus, founded in 2017 and based in Medellin, Colombia is a prop-tech company that is bringing consumers an end-to-end marketplace to buy and sell real estate digitally, enabling entirely online transactions on property search portals lahaus.com in Colombia and lahaus.mx in Mexico. The company facilitates over $1 billion in annualized gross transaction value. With more than 1 million monthly users, La Haus is the market leader in deal volume in Spanish-speaking Latin America. The company has raised over $150 million in venture capital funding from U.S. investors like Bezos Expeditions, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Spencer Rascoff’s 75 & Sunny Ventures, and Nubank co-founder David Velez. OpenNode is proud to partner with La Haus to connect on-chain and Lightning Bitcoin payments to their platform. By working together, we can give more consumers in the Latin American region the ability to accept instant, low-cost, and zero fraud Bitcoin payments.

The need for new housing in LatAm and other emerging markets is significant. The pace of building new homes is slow because small and mid-sized developers who build 80 percent of new homes in Latam are cash-constrained. Additionally, mortgages are not as accessible or affordable for consumers in the region, with banks extending only a fraction of the credit to individuals compared to the U.S., and often at worse terms. Spanish-speaking LatAm’s new home sales is a $70 billion per year market today, with the potential to grow to a $200 billion per year market if financing is made more accessible. 

As the leader of the market in the region, La Haus has the potential to facilitate growth like never before. The company has partnerships with significant developers like Mexico-based Arquitectoma, GDC Desarrollos, CLASS, Punto Destino, Yukon, and Terraforma, who leverage La Haus’ platform and audience to enable seamless 100-percent online transactions. With its one-of-a-kind, proprietary data gleaned from thousands of real estate transactions, La Haus is now positioned to extend capital to developers and consumers more quickly, with much lower risk and at better terms.

“Bitcoin enhanced by Lightning allows instant, global settlement in a more efficient way,” said Jehudi Casto-Sierra, new VP Of The Future of La Haus. “We are connecting to this inclusive open monetary network in order to better serve customers, using cutting-edge technology. 

By integrating with OpenNode, La Haus can enjoy the full benefits that come with accepting Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin enables faster, lower cost, and more traceable transactions than is the case with traditional currencies. With Bitcoin, the fees, delays, and opacity caused by the numerous intermediaries involved in traditional payment transactions can be avoided. The Bitcoin network’s blockchain provides a transparent, fully certifiable digital transaction ledger. This secure but auditable record provides reliable proof of funds and can be referenced for transfers, escrow, and mortgage payments. Bitcoin is perfectly designed to bring greater transparency to the entire real estate transaction process.

“We are firmly focused on making homeownership accessible and possible for millions of people across Latin America,” said Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, president of La Haus. “As we expand across Latin America, Bitcoin can solve some of the problems that come with buying a home with local currencies. The Bitcoin and real estate worlds have excellent synergy.”

Image of apartments available for purchase on LaHaus
La Haus will launch its Bitcoin initiative for investing in condominiums in Kahaal, a new luxury-housing development located in Playa del Carmen on the Mayan Riviera.

At OpenNode we are passionate about the adoption of Bitcoin and Lightning payments. We provide trusted and reliable payment acceptance and payout solutions for businesses across the world.

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