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Bitcoin Invoices: Draper University3 min read

May 4, 2020 2 min read


Bitcoin Invoices: Draper University3 min read

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Draper University was founded in 2012 by the venture capitalist and Bitcoin enthusiast Tim Draper in San Mateo, California, and is the top pre-accelerator and incubator in Silicon Valley. The school aims to inspire people and accelerate ideas by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in its scholars. With 5 week programs for executives and entrepreneurs, the university has alumni of over 300 startups that have raised over $220 million in funding. Today we’re pleased to share that tuition for Draper University can now be paid entirely in Bitcoin through OpenNode.

At Draper University entrepreneurs go from creating a concept to a product ready to pitch directly to venture capitalists as you learn from top-tier investors and entrepreneurs. Past speakers at the campus include Tony Hsieh (Zappos), Elon Musk (Tesla), and Aaron Levie (Box). Draper University provides a place to live and learn while forging connections with various entrepreneurs and building a network of life-long mentors.

A University for Heroes

Students enrolled at Draper University are treated as the next generation of innovative heroes in society. The University currently has alumni from diverse backgrounds from all around the world such as: Chile, Estonia, Nepal, South Africa, South Korea, Malawi, Senegal, Iraq and many more. Students are selected for admission based on their entrepreneurial spirit, passion for creativity, and their desire to change the world.   

Draper University offers a campus that empowers young minds and influences entrepreneurs to become the next generation of startup heroes. As a student of Draper University, you have access to Silicon Valley’s premier coworking community in the exclusive Hero City. Located right across the street from the main campus, Hero City offers an ecosystem that supports and inspires the next generation of world-changing entrepreneurs and their companies. At the heart of Silicon Valley, the Hero City campus is buzzing with aspiring entrepreneurs and some of the most successful innovators in the world today. This inspiring atmosphere can be detected as soon as you set foot through the door as the receptionist greets you from a desk that was created from a Tesla, gifted to Tim Draper by Elon Musk himself!

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (Virtual)

With the world in quarantine due to the tragic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Draper University has adapted to provide a virtual program. With their virtual program, entrepreneurs can become a Startup Hero in 30 Hours from the comfort of their own home. The program entails 15 days of live online sessions, featuring 2 hours of daily first-hand connections, networking with over 50 Silicon Valley experts and mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs from 30+ countries. With many exciting learning modules like a virtual hackathon and the opportunity to pitch to investors, Draper University is turning homebound entrepreneurs into Startup Heroes with this virtual program. Learn more about the program here.

Startup Heroes are the ones that drive progress, and whether you bring us to another planet or you make your neighborhood a nicer, happier place, you can become a Startup Hero.

Tim Draper, Founder of Draper University