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Full Node

A full node is a software program that is capable of validating transactions and blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain. The term “Full node” is short for “fully validating node”. Anyone, anywhere in the world can be a full node runner (someone who runs a full node) by downloading all the blocks on the blockchain to their personal computer. Since the block size of Bitcoin is capped at 1MB, it is possible to download the entire blockchain on a 1 TB hard drive. This fact is one of the key facets of Bitcoin’s decentralization

Becoming a full node runner is an important and vital function of the Bitcoin blockchain. Without full node runners, Bitcoin simply would not exist. Full node runners are responsible for:

  1. Validating Transactions
  2. Downloading & holding a copy of the bitcoin blockchain – a ledger of all transactions that have ever occurred with bitcoin.
  3. Voting or contributing to the passing of BIPs
  4. Transmitting transactions to the network.
  5. Being the “peers” in Bitcoin’s distributed, decentralized P2P network.
  6. …and more…

If you want to volunteer your computer’s hash power and run a full node, please visit the Running A Full Node link below.