Bitcoin Payment Acceptance for Primer.io Merchants2 min read

May 17, 2022 2 min read


Bitcoin Payment Acceptance for Primer.io Merchants2 min read

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Primer.io is the world’s first automation platform for payments. Merchants who use Primer.io can build better buying experiences, including customizing the checkout process with a number of traditional and alternative payment options. Thanks to a new partnership with OpenNode, Primer.io now provides merchants the ability to add Bitcoin to their list of supported payment methods.

Many modern businesses have an understanding of Bitcoin-based commerce, but many others are coming on board each day looking to expand their payment options. Fortunately, Primer.io designed its platform in such a way that integrating Bitcoin payments is a simple 1-click process. Merchants who accept Bitcoin receive payment in their preferred currency: Bitcoin, local currency, or a bit of both.

We’re excited to bring Bitcoin payment acceptance to more merchants, in partnership with Primer.io. Most people know Bitcoin as the world’s first and most adopted digital currency. OpenNode believes Bitcoin provides the foundation for a new global payment system, and we empower platforms to provide access to Bitcoin payments for merchants of all sizes and expertise levels, everywhere. Primer.io will allow merchants around the globe to take advantage of Bitcoin’s surging retail adoption through simple code-free integration. 

OpenNode’s payment solutions meet the specific needs of diverse businesses, from large multinationals to independent sole proprietors.  In the Lightning Network’s growing ecosystem, hundreds of thousands of transactions can process per second at very low cost. Payments benefit from instant and final settlement, zero fraud, zero chargebacks, and the security of Bitcoin’s base chain.

At OpenNode, we believe all businesses can benefit from accepting Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments, and we’re excited to partner with Primer.io to make these benefits available to all merchants, wherever they might be based.

Is your business ready to start accepting Bitcoin payments? We’re happy to help! Get started for free at OpenNode.com. Your business can start accepting Bitcoin within minutes.