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Our Mission3 min read

February 9, 2022 2 min read


Our Mission3 min read

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With the close of our Series A funding round, OpenNode is bringing the transformative power of Bitcoin and Lightning Network-powered payments to businesses, platforms, and people everywhere…

We focus on bitcoin, the revolutionary monetary network for a digital world. As a truly decentralized and open-source payment system, bitcoin provides global interoperability, transparency, and settlement finality without intermediaries or central authority. In more than a decade, the network has demonstrated unparalleled security and reliability, with proven immutability, 99%+ uptime, and zero hacks.

We focus on Bitcoin, the first and best digitally native currency ever invented. Bitcoin the asset is compliant, recognized, and defined by the CFTC. Bitcoin’s value and fungibility are growing within a maturing regulatory framework. 

We build on the Lightning Network, enabling instant, lowest-cost Bitcoin payments at scale. In the Lightning Network’s growing ecosystem, hundreds of thousands of transactions can process per second at almost no cost. Payments benefit from the instant and final settlement, zero fraud, zero chargebacks, and the security of Bitcoin’s base chain.

We ignore the noise. Other cryptocurrencies are novelties. Not meaningfully decentralized, regularly compromised, and lacking scalability and true utility, other coins and protocols can seem a lot like snake oil. NFTs are speculative assets with uncertain provable digital scarcity, and DAOs are built on centralized protocols and are constantly hacked. The multitude of digital projects and tokens, while novel, is largely a distraction from the important work of transforming the world’s base settlement layer.

Bitcoin is the signal. Bitcoin fixes money. Unmatched organic network effects are solidifying Bitcoin’s place as the world’s new money. At OpenNode, we believe Bitcoin is the singular technological innovation that will allow us to correct the flaws of traditional monetary and payment systems.

OpenNode’s mission is to empower individuals and connect the world through trusted Bitcoin payment infrastructure. The growth of the Bitcoin economy dismantles legacy, centralized power structures. Bitcoin enables individual access, freedom, privacy, and sovereignty. We work every day to build the future that Bitcoin makes possible: social justice and an end to systemic monetary oppression in all of its forms.

We’re preparing for a massive 2022. OpenNode is looking forward to a year of growth, both as an emerging leader in the Bitcoin community and in global payments. We’re excited to welcome new team members and already have over a dozen open positions posted. In the next few weeks and months, we’ll be announcing new product features, partnerships, and clients that will drive significant adoption of Bitcoin payments.

With a portion of our Series A funding, OpenNode is creating an endowment, known as the OpenNodeEndowment or, ONE. Funds will go towards supporting independent developers and open source projects that contribute to growing and solidifying the Bitcoin ecosystem. Initially, OpenNode is contributing 1 BTC to ONE, with additional funds and philanthropic initiatives to be added over time.

We feel privileged to be building alongside a focused and mission-driven Bitcoin community. Excited to be creating facets of something big, together. OpenNode is growing and we’re looking for smart, passionate people to join us. If this resonates with you, get in touch with us at hello@opennode.com.

Founded in 2018, OpenNode is the world’s leading bitcoin payment processor and infrastructure provider, connecting the world with revolutionary payment technology. OpenNode provides secure, reliable bitcoin payment acceptance and payout solutions for businesses, platforms, and people everywhere. From payment buttons to hosted checkout, and e-commerce plug-ins to optimized APIs, OpenNode offers the benefits of instant, lowest cost payments made possible by Bitcoin, the world’s best-decentralized payment network; and the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s leading scaling solution.