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OpenNode launching new Stripe App1 min read

May 24, 2022 < 1 min read


OpenNode launching new Stripe App1 min read

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OpenNode will enable US-based Stripe merchants to gain exposure to Bitcoin. As part of the launch of Stripe Apps and the Stripe App Marketplace, the new OpenNode app will allow Stripe users to convert incoming payments into Bitcoin in real time, automatically or on demand.

Stripe Apps will allow Stripe users to access and use OpenNode’s web-based app from within the Stripe Dashboard via a side panel (coming soon). Once the OpenNode app has been installed, users will be prompted to connect to their bank using Stripe ACH Direct Debit Payments API.

Stripe users will have two options for converting incoming payments into Bitcoin: (1) automatic conversion of a fixed percentage of each incoming Stripe payment to Bitcoin in real-time and (2) on-demand Bitcoin purchases. For each Bitcoin request, OpenNode will initiate an ACH Direct Debit from the connected bank account.

With the OpenNode app, users will benefit from the seamless convenience of real-time Bitcoin purchases relative to their incoming payment activity… directly from the Stripe Dashboard. They can then transfer Bitcoin instantly and at lowest cost to their destination BTC wallet/account by using the Lightning Network.

Bitcoin is the world’s most secure, decentralized and widely adopted digital currency. OpenNode’s new app supports our commitment to growing the Bitcoin economy and making Bitcoin accessible to businesses everywhere.

Is your business on the Stripe platform? If yes, Bitcoin exposure is available to you. Register your interest for the OpenNode app here in the Stripe App Marketplace.