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WooCommerce Bitcoin Plugin by OpenNode3 min read

October 25, 2018 2 min read


WooCommerce Bitcoin Plugin by OpenNode3 min read

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We’ve developed a plugin so that all WooCommerce merchants can enjoy our latest services with a simple, easy-to-use module. Integrating OpenNode and accepting Bitcoin in your shop takes just a few steps with the OpenNode WooCommerce Bitcoin Plugin.

Generate an API Key

  1. After signing up, log into the platform
  2. Click on Settings and select the API Keytab
  3. Click on the Generate Ecommerce Keybutton
  4. Copy the generated API Key

You’re good to go to the next step!

Installing OpenNode as a WooCommerce Bitcoin Plugin

1. Login to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins > Add New

2. In the Search Plugins field, type in “Opennode” and click “Install Now”

3. After the plugin is installed, click “Activate”

4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > OpenNode and then click the check box next to “Accept Bitcoin instantly via OpenNode”

5. Paste the previously generated API Key in the “API Auth Token Field and click “Save changes”

Note: You can change the payment title and description according to your preferences.

GIF image of walking through setting up the OpenNode WooCommerce Bitcoin Plugin

What are the benefits of accepting Bitcoin for my store?

  • Low Fees: OpenNode offers payment processing fees which is significantly lower than most traditional payment methods.
  • Eliminate chargeback fraud. Instant Bitcoin transactions eliminate chargeback fraud from your business. Businesses on average lose 0.47% of their total revenue per year to chargeback fraud1.
  • Bitcoin is a global currency. No other currency works the way Bitcoin does. Expand your business into any country when you accept Bitcoin at your store.
  • Settle your Bitcoin in fiatWith OpenNode instant exchange, accept Bitcoin and settle it in the currency of your choice, instantly at the time of transaction.
  • Market your business as tech focused. Bitcoin is an excellent way to show your customers and the world that your business is looking to the future.
  • Attract new customers. Diversify your audience by attracting Bitcoin users as customers.

Now that you’ve set up your WooCommerce Bitcoin plugin, we’d like to welcome you to the world of instant Bitcoin payments! Stay tuned for new updates on our blog by following us on Twitter. If you need any help with set-up or exploring our features, you can reach us at our live chat box at OpenNode.com, email us at support@opennode.com, or check out our help center.

We can’t wait to see how your business grows with Bitcoin and Lightning!


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