Bitcoin is changing yacht sales for the better.1 min read

June 9, 2022 < 1 min read


Bitcoin is changing yacht sales for the better.1 min read

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Yes, you can sell yachts for Bitcoin. Here’s why you should…

Speed up the sale

With OpenNode, purchases made with Bitcoin are immediate and final. In other words, you don’t have to wait on an ACH deposit, wire transfer or bank check, and there’s zero risk of chargeback fraud. Simply create an invoice for the buyer, who scans or manually enters it into his or her Bitcoin wallet. The transfer is instantaneous, and it can take place any time day or night, including weekends and holidays. 

Save money on transaction fees

OpenNode transaction fees are as low as 1%, making them up to 70% less than traditional credit card fees. Bitcoin is a global currency, so the sale is not subject to conversion fees, and you can settle the sale in any currency, instantly at the time of transaction, with OpenNode’s instant exchange

Sell more yachts

Bitcoin transactions offer speed, flexibility and savings, but bottomline, accepting Bitcoin can help you sell more boats. A global currency simplifies the process of buying or selling a yacht located anywhere in the world for clients located anywhere in the world. The sale doesn’t involve a central bank, administrator or other intermediary, and the anonymous nature of Bitcoin payments offers buyers more privacy and security. Potential buyers who value these benefits are more likely to purchase a yacht with Bitcoin. 

Are you ready to sell more yachts with Bitcoin? Setting up your company to receive Bitcoin payments is quick and simple with OpenNode.