OpenNode invoices for payment in bitcoin

OpenNode makes it simple to request payment in bitcoin. Businesses of all sizes can send custom, itemized B2B and customer invoices for goods, services, and subscriptions.

OpenNode billing invoice dashboard

Invoice in minutes

Step 1

Create a custom invoice

Just add customer details, amount and due date. You can also include taxes or discounts.
Step 2

Send your invoice

Email or text your invoice as a link or PDF, right from your dashboard.
Step 3

Get paid

In bitcoin, your local currency, or a bit of both. Settlement is instant (Lightning Network) or near-instant (on-chain).

Why bill or invoice with OpenNode?

Locked exchange rates

OpenNode protects businesses and payers from bitcoin price changes. We calculate the bitcoin denominated amount when payment is initiated, not when an invoice is first received.

Instant settlement

Settlement using traditional payment providers can take days. Payment of OpenNode invoices is effortless, and settlement is instant (Lightning Network) or near-instant (on-chain).

Easy accounting

Need a complete record of your payment data? OpenNode helps you keep on top of your accounting by letting you download your transaction details in standard, usable formats.

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