Bitcoin payments at the speed of now

Get lightning-fast, low-cost bitcoin payments and payouts for your business with our powerful API, ecommerce plugins, or hosted payment pages.

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Secure bitcoin processing infrastructure for your business

We offer a complete processing solution for bitcoin-powered payments and payouts, including bitcoin or local currency settlement and professional-grade invoices. With OpenNode, businesses can choose automatic conversion to receive local currency, and always get instant (Lightning Network) or near instant (on-chain) final settlement.

Easy-to-use bitcoin payment processing for any business

Integrate OpenNode to grow your business with Bitcoin.
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Why OpenNode?

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Protect your business from bitcoin price changes

Automatically convert bitcoin to local currencies at the time of payment.
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Get paid and pay out at the speed of Lightning

Process and settle bitcoin payments instantly through the Lightning Network.
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Keep your revenue

Say goodbye to fraud and chargebacks. We transfer value, and always keep your data safe.
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Go Global

Use bitcoin for speedy, secure, cross-border payments.

Developer-friendly Bitcoin
payment processing

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Easy-to-use APIs

Integrate instant, low-cost global payments into any business or application with just 10 lines of code.
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Plug-and-play Integration

Get OpenNode up and running in minutes. Then get back to doing what you do best.
API documentation
const opennode = require('opennode');

const charge = await opennode.createCharge({

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How we’ve helped other businesses

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We integrated easily with OpenNode's API to accept bitcoin transactions both on- and off-chain with minimal fuss.

Rusty Nash CEO of Gift Off Read the full article

Bitcoin is simply better money. Find out why.

Why Bitcoin?
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Knowledge is power.

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