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Connect to our ecommerce checkout for the fastest way to start accepting bitcoin payments. Our hosted solution looks great on any device, and payments are compatible with all bitcoin wallets.

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ecommerce checkout

A great checkout experience for payers

OpenNode offers a slick, straightforward checkout experience across desktop and mobile. It’s designed to be fast, secure and ready-to-use.

Include promo codes or discounts

Customize your checkout process. OpenNode makes it straightforward to include discounts or set up promo codes.

Accept secure payment from all bitcoin wallets

You get all of the benefits of OpenNode powered payments, including support by all Bitcoin and Lightning Network wallets.

How hosted checkout works

Easy setup and dedicated support

Just sign up for an OpenNode account and generate an API key from your online dashboard to get started. Our developers are happy to help with any questions.

Receive bitcoin payments in minutes…

Create a payment request and redirect your customers to our hosted checkout URL. Once payment is complete, we redirect back to your website, and you receive funds near-instantly.

Secure, reliable payment technology maintained by OpenNode

OpenNode works hard to keep payments safe and flowing. We take care of payment exceptions, secure web connections, and API data encryption so you don't have to worry about:

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OpenNode helps you resolve underpayments. Accept, refund or request full payment right from your dashboard.
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We flag any overpayments so that you can notify customers and refund them the difference.
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Regulatory Compliance

OpenNode is a registered money services businesses compliant with all AML/ATF regulations.
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We make it easy for businesses and buyers to request refunds.

OpenNode hosted checkouts are compatible with every bitcoin wallet

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On-chain & Lightning Network

Toggle between on-chain and Lightning Network addresses.
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Open in wallet

Open your bitcoin wallet to initiate payment.
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QR code scan

Scan the QR code to complete payment. Settlement is instant, or near instant.
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Copy BTC address and amount

Copy the address of your recipient and the amount you want to send.
OpenNode dashboard featured on desktop and mobile

Our checkout puts you in control

Track payment status

Track payment status in real-time right from your OpenNode dashboard.

Resolve payment discrepancies

We help handle payment exceptions that could affect revenue.

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