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OpenNode is for everyone. Businesses everywhere can benefit from using our bitcoin payment and payout rail. OpenNode provides a simple, guided experience for the digital economy’s newest and best way to transact.

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Partnering with OpenNode created a better customer experience by making lightning payments simple. They take care of all of the backend so we can focus on creating the most comfortable shoes in the world.

Raymond Durk Head of Experience at Atoms

Why OpenNode?

OpenNode provides simple, secure, instant, and low-cost Bitcoin payment infrastructure for businesses everywhere:

Accept Bitcoin, and Lightning network payments with one integration

Automatically convert some or all of the bitcoin you earn to your preferred local currency

Request any size of payment - from microtransactions to high value transactions

Receive payment from any bitcoin or Lightning Network wallet

Protect revenue from fraud, chargebacks, and hidden costs

Explore bitcoin at your own pace with our guided user experience and exceptional support

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