OpenNode settlement and transfer

Choose to settle in bitcoin, your local currency, or a mix of both. Transfer funds to your bank account or external bitcoin wallet automatically or on demand. With OpenNode, you decide.

Instant settlement in the currency of your choice

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Keep your funds in bitcoin. The world’s best digital currency is also the last decade’s best performing store of value.
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Local currency

OpenNode supports conversion from bitcoin to local currency, at time of payment or anytime after settlement.
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Instant or near-instant

Settlement using traditional payment providers can take days. With OpenNode, you receive funds immediately.
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No chargebacks, no fraud

Protect your revenue. Bitcoin payments are initiated by payers, so fraud is virtually eliminated.

Automatic or on demand conversion

With OpenNode it’s free to convert to/from bitcoin.

Supported currencies

Choose from 8 supported local currencies.

Automatic conversion

Convert to local currency at the time of payment and avoid bitcoin price changes.

On demand conversion

Convert account funds to/from bitcoin right from the dashboard, so you always hold funds in your preferred currency.

Split settlement

Stay in control of your payments. Split between bitcoin and local currency.

For each payment, keep a percentage of settlement funds in bitcoin and automatically convert the rest to local currency. Manage your exposure to bitcoin price changes and update your settings at any time.
50 %
50 %

Bitcoin and local currency withdrawals


Bitcoin wallet

Processed weekly
On demand
Free with lightning
1% fee on-chain


Local Currency


Processed daily
Transfers next business day
On demand
Transfers 1-2 business days
View low transfer fees and supported currencies

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