OpenNode in-person Bitcoin payments

Create and display payment requests in the physical world on any device. OpenNode's simple in-person payment solution is perfect for retail and events, and activity is synced to your OpenNode dashboard.

Speedy, touch-free digital payments

OpenNode allows businesses to process bitcoin payments in-store and keep the line moving. Use our payment requests to accept bitcoin transactions via any device that’s connected to the internet.

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Same day set-up

Quickly set up your store to receive in-person bitcoin payments.
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Easy to use

Our payment solution makes it simple for businesses and customers to pay in Bitcoin.
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High speed settlement

With instant or near instant settlement you get your funds fast.
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Compatible with all Bitcoin wallets

With OpenNode, you can accept payment from any bitcoin wallet.
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Guaranteed Bitcoin value

We lock the exchange rate to ensure everyone gets the expected bitcoin value at checkout.

How it works

Start accepting bitcoin on your smartphones, tablets or desktop today
Step 1

Request bitcoin

Create an OpenNode payment request, and show it to your customer on your mobile device.
Step 2

Accept payment

Customers initiate payment by opening their Bitcoin wallet and scanning the QR code.
Step 3

Get paid

Display the payment request to your customer. Get paid. Then receive your funds instantly.

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