Instant Bitcoin payments with the Lightning Network

OpenNode powers instant settlement and lowest cost payments.

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a protocol that allows Bitcoin payments to scale. Bitcoin is open-source, decentralized and distributed technology that enables payments everywhere, without intermediaries. The Bitcoin blockchain processes an average of 7 transactions per second, and payments take ~10 minutes to be confirmed. Payers pay Bitcoin network fees - a variable cost which can be high relative to lower transaction values.


10 min+ settlement times
Average 7 tx per second
Variable network costs
Global, open-source project
Best for large payments


Instant settlement times
100,000+ tx per second
Low cost for payers
Global, open-source project
Best for everyday payments
For bitcoin to succeed as a payment method, payments need to settle instantly, process at high volume, and be consistently low cost for payers. The Lightning Network solves this.

Why use the Lightning Network?

Instant payments

Bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network settle instantly. stylized accent

Lowest cost payments

Lightning Network transactions are virtually free - an average of 1 Satoshi (a fraction of a cent).

Built for scale

Lightning can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. stylized accent


Accept payments as small as one Satoshi (fractions of a cent).


Benefit from the same security as on-chain, plus increased privacy.

OpenNode optimizes access to the Lightning Network

OpenNode handles technology, liquidity and connectivity so businesses don’t have to. We provide:
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The best technology

Highest capacity nodes and channels for liquidity and reliability, plus support for the newest protocol updates, from Segwit to LNURL.
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Universal access

Solutions for businesses everywhere, compatible with all Bitcoin and Lightning wallets.
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A variety of enablement options, from no-code hosted checkout to e-commerce plugins and restful API integration.
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OpenNode’s payment requests and dashboard support both Lightning and on-chain.

A Bitcoin payment API with Lightning Network capabilities

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Easy to integrate

Integrate instant, low-cost global payments into any business or application with just a snippet of code.
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Lightning Powered

Accept Bitcoin payments and send Bitcoin payouts programmatically using the Lightning Network.
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