We keep your funds and payments safe

OpenNode uses intelligent, up-to-date security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to our platform and protect funds from theft. Our systems are engineered to transfer your revenue securely and keep your business and transaction data safe.

Security is our top priority

Built-in fraud protection

Our platform is designed to fight fraud with regular monitoring to flag potential irregular activity.

Secure custody and transfer

OpenNode supports multisig, standard withdrawal limits and provides IP address whitelisting to ensure funds are secure.


Bitcoin provides the highest level of security and regulatory clarity.

Protect your revenue

Faster settlement

Receive your funds immediately and optimize cash flow across your business.

No fraud

Payments are authorized and initiated by payers, so fraud is virtually eliminated.

No chargebacks

Transactions can’t be reversed. Chargebacks are a thing of the past.

Data security

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No personal payer data required

We don’t ask payers for personal information to initiate a payment. This reduces the risk of data breaches and identity theft.
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No PCI compliance costs

OpenNode transfers value, not payer data, so businesses don't need to worry about PCI compliance.
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Keeping your data secure

We have strict data security protocols. OpenNode secures all merchant data collected as part of onboarding or ongoing account management.

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